The Ballet Burn is an authentic ballet based experience for any body type and fitness level. We are about having fun while working hard. A light hearted approach to the class provides an environment where everyone feels like they are a part of the family. We push ourselves to new limits physically which translates to a true sense of accomplishment. The room for creativity keeps us constantly discovering new things about our bodies and the patterns and habits we get stuck in. Ultimately, The Ballet Burn seeks to empower individuals to their best selves through creative movement, total body awareness, and positive intentions.


Hi! I’m Margot Martin, owner of the Ballet Burn. In my 12th season performing for Carolina Ballet, I tore my left ACL. I had replacement surgery and began physical therapy to get back to the stage as quickly as possible. During that process I managed to tear the MCL and meniscus in the same knee. After a 2nd surgery and months working with physical therapists, I was able to perform again. During the time I was away from the company I began cross training at the gym I taught yoga at. I was spending hours taking the physical therapy exercises and finding ways to make them more functional for the ballet world. I needed something that would simulate what it felt like to perform. When you enter the stage, typically your heart is racing and your body is pushed to perform at its highest level all while appearing calm, cool, and collected. As soon as you exit, your heart rate begins to drop quickly. The recovery at this time is important so that you can prepare for the next entrance when the process begins again. In the fitness world, this act of quickly changing heart rates is called interval training. I decided that I needed this to be a part of my cross training. About 2 months before I went back to performing, a dear friend and well known trainer was pushing me to package this form of cross training I was doing. I took his advice and called it The Ballet Burn. At the time, I had no idea that anyone else would be interested in doing it. I was quickly enlightened as the following grew in Raleigh. After developing a team of 7 and implementing the class in multiple facilities across the Triangle area, I decided to get back to my grass roots and try my hand at the Dallas market.