The Ballet Burn is an authentic ballet based experience for any body type and fitness level. We are about having fun while working hard. A light hearted approach to the class provides an environment where everyone feels like they are a part of the family. We push ourselves to new limits physically which translates to a true sense of accomplishment. The room for creativity keeps us constantly discovering new things about our bodies and the patterns and habits we get stuck in. Ultimately, The Ballet Burn seeks to empower individuals to their best selves through creative movement, total body awareness, and positive intentions.


You may be wondering, “How did this concept come to light?”  Founder Margot Martin shares her story here.

In my 12th season performing for Carolina Ballet, I tore my left ACL during a rehearsal for Swan Lake. After undergoing ACL replacement surgery, I began physical therapy to get back to the stage as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, during that process I re-injured my knee and underwent a 2nd surgery. During the time I was away from the stage, I spent hours cross training with physical therapy, functional movement, yoga, and cardio intervals. I realized that I needed something that would simulate what it felt like to perform, the ultimate form of interval training, so I developed my own workout incorporating all I had learned. About 2 months before I went back to performing, I was encouraged to package this new form of cross training. The Ballet Burn was born. Shortly there after I retired from the stage and have since dedicated my life to teaching. Now with this new online platform, the community continues to grow and I am more grateful than ever to share the joy of movement with others. See you in class!